Nerve injuries or defects are the result of trauma, work-related injuries, removal due to adjacent cancers, or even congenital. It involves a strong knowledge of nerve and other soft tissue anatomy and an understanding of the physiology of nerve tissue. It often requires microsurgical skills and other specialized techniques. Dr. Vasquez has extensive training in the evaluation and treatment of these specific problems. His scope of treatment includes:

  • repair of acute nerve injuries due to laceration, crush injury, gunshot or penetrating injuries, or as a result of cancer excision.
  • treatment of the complications of other surgeries such as the treatment of neuromas or iatrogenic injuries
  • repair of subacute or chronic nerve injuries, including severe compression syndromes, injury from compartment syndromes, nerve injury due to circulation problems, or cancer-related nerve injury

I thought a lot about going ahead with my procedure and researched endlessly, until I decided on going to Dr. Vasquez. I can only say that he was fantastic and I'm very happy with he results! He was very reassuring throughout the entire process and his staff is great as well. Would highly recommend to anyone and will spread the word!

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